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Rita, Dubai Resident and regular traveller with Yoga Retreats.

Livia – again you surpassed all expectations – we had a great group who all gelled together nicely and I feel we all gained something from each other. It was a pleasure to be with such a diverse group and I really hope we can keep in touch and maybe meet up again. Thanks for all the experiences especially having the first lady with us and a beautiful content Harley. (& David)

Livia don’t ever change and keep strong.

Lisa, Dubai Resident travelling to Bhutan

This trip has been life changing for me, my perspective on life, human beings, goals, limiting beliefs, focus, intimacy, acquiring wealth and possessions, patience, moving slow and steady, love of self and love of others… has changed. The quickest way to quiet the mind and tap into the vast powerful reservoir that we all have, is through meditation and yoga. It really gets us into a good feeling place, which is where you want to be, if its your desire to manifest the life of your dreams. I went with many expectations; I returned with unexpected love, peace and joy within…


Zhila, regular traveller with Yoga Retreats

It was lovely to meet the group and to travel once again with Paula and Livia. I must say, the most amazing person on the trip for me was THE ADORABLE HARLEY. He proved to me that it’s possible to have a baby and to travel. I’m sure the parents had a lot to do with it too though! A big THANK YOU to Livia for organizing this magical trip and managing our big group which was quite a challenge”.


Michela, Hong Kong resident and 1st timer with Yoga Retreats

Dear Livia, You Have my deepest gratitude! Your retreat in Oman shifted forever something in my life,  and my life will never be the same anymore! What you provided is much more than the experience of yoga, trekking and climbing all in 1 day!  You truly gave me the opportunity to go beyond my own limits and so to explore new ways to live my life! Thanks to your gentleness and encouragements I have achieved so much in such a short lapse of time!  This week-end in Oman  really gave me (and I guess to all the other participants) the phenomenal experience to overcome emotional barriers and inner constraints and after long time I feel free deep inside! And People around you are a gift from heaven! I met amazing new friends during this retreat and now we are bounded for life, like a family! A true privilege to be part of this group! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dearest Livia! ❤️

Zhila, Regular Yoga Retreats Traveller

The 5* yacht was superb with excellent service from the crew and delicious food every day. We had a lovely double room with a spacious bathroom and a proper shower! The style of yoga varied which was perfect for me as I like all styles. I particularly enjoyed the mix with Tai Chi. On our last night we ended up in the karaoke room which was a lot of fun! We couldn’t dive the first day due to the rough sea but we dived the 2nd and 3rd day, and relaxed on the last day with some snorkeling and fishing. It was an amazing trip with some lovely people and the only problem was that it was too short!


Lene, Maldives Traveller

Hi Livia…Thanks again for organizing a great great trip…:-)) We had such a marvelous time on the beautiful yacht with all our new friends, so we were very sad when we had to leave them last Tuesday going to the resort…..the Elaine yoga and fin yoga was brilliant …:-) enjoyed everything from the crew to the chef’s Lovely food, activities, fun, massages and all the rest …let me know when you are organizing again next year.

Lots of love to everyone from my Mum Birthe and Lene 🙂

lene and diether

Jacquelynne, Maldives Traveller

“Highly recommended as Livia has always attracted like minded people to her yoga retreats.  Good mix couples, individuals, mother-daughter teams.   What is great is that itinerary was flexible such that the holiday catered to what each of us wanted in the holiday and not compulsory to follow a strict routine.  Dhaainkanbaan staff were very accommodating and would go all out to cater to our request.  We were like Survivor crew – in an adventurous way to exotic paradise – yoga, sun, snorkel, dive, fish, coconut tree climbing !  My most memorable was definitely the Maadhoo Deserted Picnic island – Lunch under coconut trees, the candlelit hut for our BBQ dinner hidden in middle of the island and the Body balance yoga on the island!    


Simran, Oman Traveller

Hi Livia, Thank you and David so much for this wkend – for making me feel like your family from the start to giving me such a wonderful spiritual experience in Oman. I am so glad I came, as I almost didn’t! I’ve already been speaking to my friends about you 🙂


Dianne Lee, Los Angeles, California

Livia, you are a true diamond in the desert.  Your spirit, leadership, love and light shines brightly where ever you are.  Nepal would not have been Nepal without your guidance and your direction and I am so grateful for that.  Thank you for customizing each yoga practice ensuring that each and everyone of us got what we needed from it.  Thank you for loving us just the way we are and thank you for a fun filled trip with many exhilarating moments.  From the white water rafting to the amazing views and guided tours/hikes, your efforts provided me with colorful pictures, new friends and lasting memories”.


Ekaterina Malhi, Nepal Traveller 

Good morning dear Livia, I wanted to thank you for the special gift you gave me – the amazing Nepal trip! Ever since we came back nothing is the same anymore and I feel truly blessed and can see ways of being happy and light all around me. Thank you so much for this mind opening and eye awakening experience I will remember and treasure this for the rest of my life. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met! Namaste!

Nicola Noble, Traveller from Saudi Arabia

Hi Livia, Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the trip.  It really was one of the best weeks of my life – I loved every minute of it and it will hold very special memories forever.  You are a beautiful and amazing woman both inside and out and I am sure that your business is going to be a massive success, whichever direction it takes in the future….

Rita Taylor, Nepal Traveller

Hi Liv, thank you so much for the trip! You made two days seem like a week’s holiday! And yoga twice in one day was just brilliant! Loved the variety of yoga we did too! And I’ll be certain to look at another yoga retreat with you! Thanks guys for everything.

Amanda Rushforth, Societe Perrier Dubai Editor & Traveller


Nepal was another truly inspiring travel experience,  filled with all the warmth and enthusiasm that is Livia herself. Just waiting to see where my next adventure with them will take me……

Cynthia Varadan, Traveller 

Thank you for making this trip so lovely and creating so many great memories! The food was delicious, I was pleasantly surprised, as that is not always the case in these trips.  The location and the lovely garden of Kahuna Club is definitely a plus.

I liked the activities and the yoga twice daily.  I really liked that every yoga session was different and we got to try different things. One of the highlights of the trip for me was practising yoga with a huge Buda overlooking us. That’s a one in lifetime experience! Or maybe not when I travel with you again 🙂


Krassa Diakova, Traveller

Straight from work, hopped onto a plane to a destination that I had neither planned for nor imagined – Nepal. All I did was book a trip with yogaretreats and Mountain Quests and then just showed up. The rest was just taken care of…

Read full review on TripAdvisor

Shilpa Matthew, Traveller 

Hi Livia,

Thanks for such a great day – I loved it though I’m aching today! It was great to see meet you and everybody else too and I’m sure Katie and I will be signing up for other events so will look forward to doing something different and fun sometime soon.

With very best wishes,

Laura, Rider 

Hi Livia,

I wanted to say thanks for such a great trip to Dibba. Was exactly what I needed to recharge. Really, really enjoyed and such a great group of people to share it with.

Have passed on your site to others and hope to see you again soon. Have a great week!

Kerri, Traveller 

Hi Livia,

Just wanted to say thanks for organising this weekend. Had so much fun! I’d love to stay in touch with you all, especially if you have any future events planned.

Thanks again!

Sonya, Traveller 

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