Yoga Retreats

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Teachers' Profiles

Livia's Warrior in OmanDSC_2044

Livia Anzaldo

At 23 years of age, living in London, active and energetic Livia tried her first Yoga class at her local gym but was left unimpressed and almost fell asleep from boredom.

Two years into her first corporate job and on the verge of going insane, Livia began to realize the benefits of Yoga and her addiction for this art and science started.  Yoga was indeed her savior and she was hooked from then onwards! She took an intense 40-day Hatha Yoga Teacher training course (200 hours) in Kerala, India, with an incredibly inspiring Yoga Guru at the Yoga Alliance International School of Yoga Pada, in March 2011 – here the website if you want to learn more about her teaching style 

Since returning from India, Livia decided to make yoga her career and started Yoga Retreats in 2011. As a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher and Neuro Linguistic Programming Lifestyle Coach, Livia has a strong passion for inspiring and influencing people to live a more fulfilling life.   She loves to explore new cultures, leading groups of adventurers while teaching the Yoga philosophy and healthy living.

Livia practises Yoga regularly, teaching children, group classes outdoors in Dubai, taking private clients and offering corporate offices group classes.  Her main goal is to reach as many people as possible, and surround herself with those who believe in investing in their personal overall health.

Dubai has given her the opportunity to practice regularly, establish her own Yoga business  and most importantly, encourage others to include it in everyday lives.   She teaches Yoga for mums and babies, adults and toddlers and shares the benefits of this art with many corporate clients.   Livia continues her education attending regular workshops in Yoga, Personal Development and Wellness.  Recently she attended Kreig Weiss Kinesiology Teacher Training (2013) and Les Leventhal Forrest Yoga Teacher Training (2014) in Dubai – both adding another 50 hours to her Yoga personal development.

Livia founded Yoga Retreats to allow everyone to discover Yoga, nature and places being in love with the outdoors and believing that the best place to learn, be inspired, practice and master the art of Yoga is in nature!

What people say about Livia: 

“Livia, you are a true diamond in the desert.  Your spirit, leadership, love and light shines brightly where ever you are.  Nepal would not have been Nepal without your guidance and your direction and I am so grateful for that.  Thank you for customizing each yoga practice ensuring that each and everyone of us got what we needed from it.  Thank you for loving us just the way we are and thank you for a fun filled trip with many exhilarating moments.  From the white water rafting to the amazing views and guided tours/hikes, your efforts provided me with colorful pictures, new friends and lasting memories”. Dianne Lee, Los Angeles, California

“Nepal was another truly inspiring travel experience,  filled with all the warmth and enthusiasm that is Livia herself. Just waiting to see where my next adventure with them will take me……” Cynthia, Dubai

“Hi Livia, Thanks for such a great day – I loved it though I’m aching today! It was great to see meet you and everybody else too and I’m sure Katie and I will be signing up for other events so will look forward to doing something different and fun sometime soon. With very best wishes. ” Laura, Abu Dhabi

“Just wanted to say thanks for organising this weekend. Had so much fun! I’d love to stay in touch with you all, especially if you have any future events planned. Thanks again! ” Sonya, Dubai

Rachel Von Kaenel


Rachel began practicing yoga in 2010 while living in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island of St. Croix. She feels that yoga helped her to grow spiritually, emotionally, and creatively, while also serving her physically. During her time on the island she performed with the fire dancing troupe, “Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies.” Yoga helped enhance her fire performances using various apparatus such as poi, fire fans, and hula hoop.

Having been a fine arts teacher, Rachel has a strong desire to share her talents and passions with others. She earned her 200 hr. RYT, under Dr. Sanjay Sharma, and her Rainbow Kids Yoga TT after moving to Dubai in 2014. Since then, she has been teaching Hatha Yoga, Kids Yoga, and now being a new mom herself…Mommy and Baby Yoga for Yoga Retreats.

Rachel feels that yoga is a lifelong journey of mindfulness, health, and well being that should be openly shared with all! She is especially fulfilled when able to share her knowledge of this practice with young ones and their mothers.

Valérie Mazza-Heller

valerie kids yoga pict

Her first encounter with Yoga occurred during her college years while studying in Vienna, her native town, when she was searching for a method to alleviate some back pain issues. In these years, she discovered also in general her passion for the holistic approach to health.

She worked in the sports marketing industry for several years before she decided to take a time off from her career to dedicate more time to her family. This is when she decided to deepen her yoga knowledge in order to find out how and why the practice improved as much her physical and mental wellbeing. She took her 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Calgary at the Sunshine Yoga Academy with a wonderful teacher which inspired her for life. After one year of intense practice with her teacher, she started teaching Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. Valérie is also a Reiki practitioner. She took the first two Reiki levels in Calgary as well.

Recently, she moved from Calgary to Dubai where she took a Kids Yoga Teacher Training to learn some tools in order to be able to share the benefits of yoga with little ones as well.

Barbara Haslehner


Austrian-born Barbara spent most of her time overseas, mainly in Asia and currently in the Middle East.

After giving birth to her second daughter, she realized that she needs a
change from her long-term corporate career and making Pilates central in her life.

Having practiced Pilates for many years, also throughout both of her pregnancies, her love for sports, physical activity and her two beautiful
girls, motivated her to get a professional Pilates teacher training. She became certified with Pilates Moves Australia.

Barbara had one natural birth and one Cesarean. Based on her own healing
experience through Pilates, she developed the Mummylates (Postnatal) and Babylates (Prenatal) workout program. She is dedicated to help other mums to understand and accept the changes a pregnant and postnatal body goes through and to reconnect with their bodies whilst being pregnant and especially after delivery.

Only when you are happy with yourself, you can be a happy mum, wife and friend!

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